Starring (in the order of appearance): The Satchel, The Tote and The Backpack.

The Satchel, introduced in the ancient roman times and made popular in the 17th century, has become a wildly popular bag in the last few years. I would give credit for this sudden interest to its practical use, but I think its street style quotient had something to do with it too. Go vintage or go neon, you always have a satchel to match your look. And it helps that a satchel gives you the right amount of space for just the right things (wallet, keys, cell phone and yes, maybe a book).


Next we have the bag introduced as the Boat Bag in the 1940s – The Tote. Though the rein of the tote pretty much started when Miss Posh made it her favourite accessory, carrying it around tucked at her elbow. Aside from its many health problems, this bag is probably the most used of all bag styles. Big. Spacious. Convenient. You cannot deny its utility value (economics! Bah!). It works best for women who need a lot to get around their day – chargers, make up, books(textbooks maybe), ipads, net books, mac books, files, keys etc etc etc.


Last but not the least is our evergreen Backpack. You would be amazed to know that these were actual made for the purpose of hunting in the 1950s. Seen just about everywhere. Used as knapsacks, school bags, laptop bags, and lately as a fashion accessory. Many brands have introduced smaller back packs in subtle florals as well as different colours. In fact, I think I even spotted a few desi versions. This is one bag you have to watch out for.