Dear CC Readers,

First of all I apologize for the long absence, but I’m back with hotter trends and crazier fashion up my sleeve.

This weekend I cannot write enough about how much I am in love with this new trend. It’s AZTEC. Aztec prints, colours, cuts are all in. Right from the oversized Aztec Cape to Printed Aztec, well everything.

And the three things you really really must try are these.

Kicking off with the hottest, Aztec bottoms, whether it’s a mini skirt in colored print or leggings in simple black and white graphics, this has to be watched out for!


Next (if you’re up for it) is crazy Aztec nail art. Don’t shy away from experimenting in this department when it comes to colors, forms: you cannot go wrong. Try concentric circles, triangles, horizontal/vertical lines, or just mix all of the above, its all good.


Lastly, is something to add a twist to your living area. Aztec Print is not something that is limited only to your clothes. Use Aztec Printed cushions to jazz up that old couch.


I hope you had fun reading. More trends coming up.

So, stay tuned, stay funky.