Over the years I have tried like a million home recipes, cosmetics and herbal products. But they just don’t seem to work. So when my aunt told me about tea tree oil I was like “I know this won’t work, just like the others”. Eventually I decided to give it a go, because frankly it couldn’t get much worse.

I researched a little and turns out tea tree oil has many benefits besides treating acne. It also does wonders for your scalp.


That’s how my tea tree regime started. A foaming face wash followed by dabbing tea tree oil on acne effected skin with a cotton ball, twice a day. And damn has it shown its effect.

My suggestion would be Body Shop’s tea tree oil skin clearing face wash, followed by a dab of the Tea Tree Oil by Body Shop.


As an alternative you can try Tea Tree oil facial wash by Lotus and Tea Tree Oil by Fab India.


This really worked out for me. tell me how it goes for you

Much love, CC