I’m off to vacation at India’s top holiday destination. and this just makes my fashion hormones go off the charts. I’m thinking sunbathing. A lot of lazying. Cold Beer. and Sunny Scooty Rides. And I’m thinking vintage.


Photo courtesy: leeshonvintage.blogspot.com

Coz’ lets face it, no one does beach style like the ladies of the 50’s.

High waisted denim shorts. Buttoned to the belly.

Vintage bikini prints. florals, sailor stripes and polka dots.

Red Bandana updo.

John Lennon shades.

And (you know this ones coming) red coral lip stain.

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TIP: Also, keep a white cotton/linen shirt handy for your ride back from the beach. Tanning could be good but the Indian sun can turn nasty.

Stay sunny. xoxo, CC