Marie Antoinette was criticized for a long list of things. She was accused of being promiscuous and a spendthrift. But no one can deny her personality and charms. She has been mentioned time and again in history for her style, which ranged from sophisticated to simplistic

And this is probably the reason why she was the reason behind Vera Wang’s beautiful (and some what odd, if I may say so) Spring ’15 collection.

We see glimpses of what we saw with the other designer such as Rebecca Taylor (look at the  previous blog post), tailoring and soft feminine ruffles meet again. But what seems like a major difference is the choice of colors to reflect this on the runway.

Wang chooses Black to capture the many moods of Marie Antoinette. 

vera-wang-15 vera-wang-13 vera-wang-11 vera-wang-09

She has intricate details in all her designs. With ruffles in the black tailored jacket.

We see a delicate use of Brocade in bright patterns with trendy cuts. 

vera-wang-18 vera-wang-23

Even the florals that have been used remind you of Wild Austrian Landscape, just like white gravel on the runway was meant to take you back to 18th century Versailles.

vera-wang-17 vera-wang-24 vera-wang-25 vera-wang-28 vera-wang-29

Don’t miss the pale pink brocade and fine ruffles on the hem, adding such charm to the look.

Last, but not the least were these Maxis that are Ball Gown inspired. Simple, yet eccentric with the flow.

vera-wang-32 vera-wang-36

I think Vera Wang has captured all the faces of Marie Antoinette and 18th century Austria with authenticity and perfection. The garments were tailored to reflect a woman who exercises control, but at the same time we see loose flowy maxis to reflect charm. Brocade is a perfect choice to imitate the French luxury, at the same time the simple outlook does Antoinette’s character justice.

Wang, spun magic on the runway.

Black for spring doesn’t sound that bad after all, does it?

Signing off, CC