I’m a day late but here’s wishing each and every one of you out there a very happy new year. Wishing you all the love, luck and happiness in next 364 days!

Thank You for all the love for the past year! 2014 has been great. The fashion and style industry has seen its ups and downs, as have we. But style is much beyond the dos and don’ts. Its beyond rules.

Each of you is beautiful and lovely in your own unique way. If you believe in fashion beyond boundaries, you are a Carnelian. If you have faith in your unique style, you are a Carnelian. If you look past the labels, the sizes, the color, and respect all kinds of style out there, you are a Carnelian.

And you are BOLD, BEAUTIFUL and NOT AFRAID TO BE YOURSELF, you are a Carnelian.

Happiest 2015 Carnelians.

Lots of warm wishes and love,

The Carnelian Cloak