Being a resident of a city with one of the most unpredictable and extreme weather stories, taking care of your skin is a difficult task.

Winters make it dry and chappy, While Summers make it oily. So I’ve listed down my five essentials for Skin Care the year round.

1.) Drink Water –

It has been said time and again, and here I am repeating it. But drinking water is honestly the best thing you can do to your skin.

So have lots of it, even in winters or may I say specially in winters.

2.) Exfoliate –

Twice a week. Atleast. It’s a must. New Delhi is highly polluted and this very harsh on the skin, so use a simple scrub if you must, even a home made one will do. You need to clean the pores and scrub the dirt off.

3.) Essential Oils –

Whether it is your scalp or skin on your face or your elbows, these essential oils are required, especially in winters.

So when your skin goes dry, avoid lotion instead use a little scented oil (if you have a very sensitive skin, try baby oil), after your shower.

4.) Wet Wipes:

You should carry a pack in your bag at all times and avoid touching your face without these. Spreads dirt and invites acne.

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5.) Minimal Makeup:

While some of us can not imagine a day without our concealer,  it’s necessary for your skin to breathe. And believe me once you take care of your skin, it won’t even be needed. image

Good skin is always in. So take good care of it.

Hope you found the five essentials useful.


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