Hello my lovelies!!

I have been thinking about it for a while now and I have decided to branch out and write about a lot of experiments that I do.

Since I have started living independently, it has become quite a challenge to cook and manage my health.

But being the person I am, I don’t give up so easily and am indulging in some simple cooking experiments.

My first experiment is my dinner from last night.

Green beans salad with eggs, served with brown bread.

Preparation time : 15-20 mins

Serves : 1

Things you need:

Green beans (100 grams)
Egg (1-2)
Olive oil
Tomatoes (1-2, chopped into small pieces)
Seasoning as per taste
Brown Bread (toasted)

Steps to follow:

1. Wash and chop green beans. Add them to salted water and boil for 3 to 5 minutes.

2. Wash off with cold water and dry

3. Add tomatoes, half a spoon of olive oil, seasoning to taste (pepper and salt)

4. Boil an egg for 10 mins, peel, slice and add to the salad.




Its very easy to make and its healthy, absolutely loved it.

Tell me how you like it, in comments below. Any suggestions, critics and questions are always welcome. ❤📖

Love 💙 The Carnelian Cloak