Hi folks!!

So the temperatures here in the capital of India are soaring and tempers are running low.

With letting your hair down being an absolute no no, here’s what I did for my Sunday brunch look today. Hope you like it.

Started with a lose bun, secured with a bobby pin. Few strands out here and there. Next was pretty simple.
Took one of my vintage scarves (pssst : this happened to belong to my dad long time ago), tied it around the crown of the head and knotted on top.
Next you can either go full fledged and tie the ends into a bow. But if you want it subtle, just tuck the knots away into the scarf.

And voila..!




So what say? Is that a nod yes or a no?? Write to me in comments below

Much love ❤ The Carnelian Cloak