Hi folks!!

I being the typical Indian I am, am not too found of anything bland. So when it comes low carb recipes, its quite a challenge to go from curries to simple foods.

But my latest best friend is vinegar. I made cottage cheese with it the other day. And it was mouthwatering to say the least.

Cottage Cheese with Vinegar

Preparation time : 10/15 mins

Serves : 1

You will need :
Cottage cheese 150 gms
Two/three cherry tomatoes
Two Bell peppers/ capsicums
Two onions

Steps to follow

1. We start by chopping onions into fine slices. Next take a non stick pan with half a teaspoon of olive oil and add the onions to it. Wait till they become translucent or slightly brown.

2. Next you add chopped bell pepper and cherry tomatoes to the onions. Let it simmer.

3. Lastly put in the cubes of cottage cheese. Add spices to taste.

4. Cook until the cottage cheese is light brown and add one tablespoon of vinegar. TOSS.

And voilà.!


This has to be one of the yummiest non fat dishes I’ve had. And it was all an experiment.

Let me know what you think guys!! And do try it at home, you won’t be disappointed.

Much love, The Carnelian Cloak