Hello dear readers

So recently I came cross this meme which went something like this – “for your no make up look, you will need these yada number of products”.

It got me thinking if everyone does really go for a no makeup look like that. Because I, for one, don’t believe that sort of an ideology.

When I say no makeup, I mean no makeup.

So, without further ado, here are some tips that help me go makeup free

1. Invest in a good lip balm

I don’t think we pay enough attention to this. I think it’s essential to have that one great lip balm, that suits your skin as well as suits your skin tone.

If you have a dry skin, go for a more cream based balm or lip butter. And don’t just stick to the usual lip balms with orange and pink undertones, try out something more earthy as well.

It could be any good brand, favourite brands being-  The Body Shop, Lotus and Nivea.

2. Minimal concealer, if any

So if its one of those days when you absolutely need concealer to hide away your pimples or dark circles, keep it to minimal. Restrict it to areas where necessary, but also make sure it blends into your skin and doesn’t end up looking like a white blotch.

3. Keep your skin looking healthy

It’s one thing to have a healthy skin. That’s something you have to work on everyday, with lots of water and intake of fiber in your diet, washing of makeup before bed everyday etc etc. But to keep your skin looking healthy on that one makeup free day takes special care.

Know your skin and act accordingly. When dealing with a dry skin, always keep a good moisturiser handy. And please make sure it’s not the kind that looks greasy or catches too much dust.

If your skin is more oily then make sure you wipe your face with a good toner or rose water on a cotton swab. The toner must be mild like the kind with aloevera extracts. Keep them handy and use whenever you need your skin looking fresh.

4. Highlight your eyes with Vaseline

Yes yes you heard me right. So use a little bit of Vaseline on a cotton swab and rub it lightly on your eye lids and lower eye lashes.

It not only keeps your eyes from getting tired for longer but also gives a slight shimmer in the light and makes your lashes more luscious. Best way to keep your eyes moisturised.

Here is my look on my No Makeup Day


So here are my top four tips for the no makeup day. I recommend you take one day each week and dedicate it as a No Makeup Day. It really helps your skin rejuvenate.

Hope you liked the tips and to give us feedback or add to the above, write to us in the comments below.

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