Hello dear readers

Having recently decided to become more health conscious, the food options have suddenly become very limited. But I am not one to give up my love for good food so fast, taking up yet another cooking experiment with the long weekend coming up.

Soy Chilli Chicken

Disclaimer : this is not a Chinese dish, even though it may sound like that

Serves : 1

Time to Prepare : 25 mins

What you will need
Chicken (boneless)
Chilli flakes (homemade or bottled)
Soy sauce
Bell peppers
Onion (one small)

Steps to follow

1. We start with our boneless chicken, set it to boil for 15-20 mins, preferably in a pressure cooker.

2. Once the chicken is boiled and tender and has been cooled off in cold water, use a fork to shred the chicken to fine pieces.

3. In a saucepan, add a teaspoon of olive oil. Add fine chopped bell pepper and onion. Cook on medium flame for 5mins.

4. Add a spoonful of soy sauce, the shredded chicken pieces and two spoons of chilli flakes (or as per taste, I like mine extra spicy). Cook for 5 mins on low flame and occasionally toss.

Once chicken seems golden brown, turn off stove and serve. Tastiest protein intake ever.


hope you like this easy to make chicken recipe

Much love ❤ The Carnelian Cloak