Hi guys

I know its been a really long break, but with a lot of studying and work to finish I couldn’t get time to do much writing.

The holiday season is just getting started and we will all be putting on some extra weight. So before we start the indulgence, here is an easy recipe to eat light this week.

Thousand Island Cottage Cheese Salad

Time to prepare : 15 mins
Serves : 1

You will need :
Bell pepper 1
Tomato 1 (large)
Cottage cheese grated 200 gms
Black pepper
Olive oil
Onion 1 (medium)
Bottled thousand island dressing
Cream 1 teaspoon
Homemade croutons (with one slice of brown bread)

Steps to follow :

1. We start with chopping the bell peppers and onion. Using a saucepan and one teaspoon of olive oil, lightly sauté them on low flame. Add rosemary and thyme to this. Add a pinch of salt and Pepper

2. Next chop the tomatoes in long and fine slices. Make sure to remove the extra pulp, it tends to make the salad too soggy.

3. Once done with sautéed onions and bell peppers, add the grated cottage cheese and mix well.

4. Take one table spoon of thousand island dressing and mix with one teaspoon of cream. If you want low fat content use a lil milk instead. Mix well.

5. Mix tomatoes and sautéed mix of cottage cheese with bell peppers,onions. Add the dressing and toss.

6. Now finally for the homemade croutons. You can fry the brown bread after chopping it to small pieces. But for a non fat alternative I roasted it with little butter and then cut them.

Add these on top of the tossed salad.

And voilà


It’s great for the taste buds, its nutritious and very easy to make.

Hope you all enjoy it.

Much love ❤ The Carnelian Cloak