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No makeup Look : tips to look your best with no makeup. Literally.

Hello dear readers

So recently I came cross this meme which went something like this – “for your no make up look, you will need these yada number of products”.

It got me thinking if everyone does really go for a no makeup look like that. Because I, for one, don’t believe that sort of an ideology.

When I say no makeup, I mean no makeup.

So, without further ado, here are some tips that help me go makeup free

1. Invest in a good lip balm

I don’t think we pay enough attention to this. I think it’s essential to have that one great lip balm, that suits your skin as well as suits your skin tone.

If you have a dry skin, go for a more cream based balm or lip butter. And don’t just stick to the usual lip balms with orange and pink undertones, try out something more earthy as well.

It could be any good brand, favourite brands being-  The Body Shop, Lotus and Nivea.

2. Minimal concealer, if any

So if its one of those days when you absolutely need concealer to hide away your pimples or dark circles, keep it to minimal. Restrict it to areas where necessary, but also make sure it blends into your skin and doesn’t end up looking like a white blotch.

3. Keep your skin looking healthy

It’s one thing to have a healthy skin. That’s something you have to work on everyday, with lots of water and intake of fiber in your diet, washing of makeup before bed everyday etc etc. But to keep your skin looking healthy on that one makeup free day takes special care.

Know your skin and act accordingly. When dealing with a dry skin, always keep a good moisturiser handy. And please make sure it’s not the kind that looks greasy or catches too much dust.

If your skin is more oily then make sure you wipe your face with a good toner or rose water on a cotton swab. The toner must be mild like the kind with aloevera extracts. Keep them handy and use whenever you need your skin looking fresh.

4. Highlight your eyes with Vaseline

Yes yes you heard me right. So use a little bit of Vaseline on a cotton swab and rub it lightly on your eye lids and lower eye lashes.

It not only keeps your eyes from getting tired for longer but also gives a slight shimmer in the light and makes your lashes more luscious. Best way to keep your eyes moisturised.

Here is my look on my No Makeup Day


So here are my top four tips for the no makeup day. I recommend you take one day each week and dedicate it as a No Makeup Day. It really helps your skin rejuvenate.

Hope you liked the tips and to give us feedback or add to the above, write to us in the comments below.

Love ❤ The Carnelian Cloak

Skin Care Essentials

Being a resident of a city with one of the most unpredictable and extreme weather stories, taking care of your skin is a difficult task.

Winters make it dry and chappy, While Summers make it oily. So I’ve listed down my five essentials for Skin Care the year round.

1.) Drink Water –

It has been said time and again, and here I am repeating it. But drinking water is honestly the best thing you can do to your skin.

So have lots of it, even in winters or may I say specially in winters.

2.) Exfoliate –

Twice a week. Atleast. It’s a must. New Delhi is highly polluted and this very harsh on the skin, so use a simple scrub if you must, even a home made one will do. You need to clean the pores and scrub the dirt off.

3.) Essential Oils –

Whether it is your scalp or skin on your face or your elbows, these essential oils are required, especially in winters.

So when your skin goes dry, avoid lotion instead use a little scented oil (if you have a very sensitive skin, try baby oil), after your shower.

4.) Wet Wipes:

You should carry a pack in your bag at all times and avoid touching your face without these. Spreads dirt and invites acne.

Photo credit :

5.) Minimal Makeup:

While some of us can not imagine a day without our concealer,  it’s necessary for your skin to breathe. And believe me once you take care of your skin, it won’t even be needed. image

Good skin is always in. So take good care of it.

Hope you found the five essentials useful.


The Carnelian Cloak

The Day I went sans Kajal

For someone like me who thinks kajal is as necessary as breathing, going a day without kajal is like unimaginable. I love putting tons of kohl and really defining my eyes. So today I decided to try something different.

All I used was a light blue eye shadow and mascara. A light pink dab to the lips.






I think I got a decent day look. What say?


Going Bananas!!

Dear Readers,

Sorry for the long delay between posts but things have been quite hectic on my end.

But this new find has compelled me to write a post ASAP. The new recipe for good skin is called Going Bananas.

This yellow fruit can be used in more than one ways to brighten that skin tone and give a fresh glow.

Method 1.


This method requires you to use a fresh peel and rub the white inside of the peel on the acne affected areas for 5-7 mins.
Warning: Do not use the same peel on multiple regions.

Leave the “mask” on for 15-20 mins. Wipe it off with a soft cotton swab and rose water. This does wonders for those hideous pimple marks. And the best part is you can do it twice a day or make it a once a day ritual.

Method 2.


This method is a little more tiresome but the results I assure you are fabulous.
So you start by making a thick paste by slicing and crushing the banana in a bowl.

Next, add 2/3rd proportions of curd and mix well. Add one tea spoon on honey, mix well.

Apply the paste as a face mask and leave it on for 30 mins. Wash with cold water, pat dry.

This recipe will give you a soft supple skin. You can use this weekly for a healthy glow.

PS: Make sure the Bananas you choose are just ripe. Avoid over ripe or green bananas.

Tell me how the results are. Worked well for me.

Much Love, CC

Fighting off acne at home!

Over the years I have tried like a million home recipes, cosmetics and herbal products. But they just don’t seem to work. So when my aunt told me about tea tree oil I was like “I know this won’t work, just like the others”. Eventually I decided to give it a go, because frankly it couldn’t get much worse.

I researched a little and turns out tea tree oil has many benefits besides treating acne. It also does wonders for your scalp.


That’s how my tea tree regime started. A foaming face wash followed by dabbing tea tree oil on acne effected skin with a cotton ball, twice a day. And damn has it shown its effect.

My suggestion would be Body Shop’s tea tree oil skin clearing face wash, followed by a dab of the Tea Tree Oil by Body Shop.


As an alternative you can try Tea Tree oil facial wash by Lotus and Tea Tree Oil by Fab India.


This really worked out for me. tell me how it goes for you

Much love, CC

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