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Runway to street wear: three takeaways from Lakme Fashion Week

So the Lakme Fashion Week closed, showcasing the best design talent in the country. But for people like you and me, there is more than just admiration that we can show.

For the ones looking for simple and fresh trends for street style, LFW is not to be dismissed due to lack of non couture inspiration. Here I list the three things every girl next door can take away from this weeks fashion show:

1. Shivan and Naresh: Color Blocking

These designers brought out the fresh and bold look with major color blocking on their runway designs for cruise resort wear. Adding a twist with their cat eyewear.


One trend which will definitely not be hard to inculcate for street wear. We are talking about color blocking on shirts, wide legged trousers and even bags. Go for bold and bright summer hues.

afaaa0cb7ee92390f896d7b7a58d2b67   Color-Block-Long-Sleeve-Silk-Shirt

And I’m sure most of us have mastered the look with cat eyeglasses.

2. Sabyasachi : Vintage Florals
Now crop tops and skirts have taken the world by storm, but what is even better than this plain combo is the combo in vintage florals.

Subtle yet elegant. Paired with pastel pair of heels for the right look for any day event.


3. Anamika Khanna : Warrior Princess
This was the finale for the fashion week and was royal and pristine in every true sense. But there is something to be picked up from this unique ensemble.


Monochromatic intricate outfits, matched with a dark lip stain and bold jewellery. This is the right time to indulge in body chains, head chains, bold chunky earrings and earcuffs.

il_fullxfull.413481155_5wzg img-thing



I hope you folks like the blog post and the takeaways from LFW.

Much Love,

The Carnelian Cloak

Designer Diaries: Featuring Ayush Kejriwal

It’s been long since I’ve had a chance to write about designers, especially those who have gone beyond the preconceived notions of fashion and made something spectacular and different.

I stumbled onto an Instagram account a year or so back which is so rich in design and creativity, that I have ever since been spellbound. Ayush Kejriwal.


A perfect blend of Indian charm and modern aesthetics, this brand is soon to be a global favourite amongst the ladies (if t already isn’t)

The brand Ayush Kejriwal aims at bringing you feminine, classic, unique clothes with an aura of enduring cool. This carefully curated design platform counterbalances old and new styles to craft a wonderfully alluring whole. The brand caters for women who want to look sharp, sexy and smart.

It is all about simple beautiful clothes. It is truly cross-cultural and combines a philosophical design aesthetic with a rigorous process. Ayush Kejriwal strongly believes that the ultimate empowerment is to wear something incredibly simple! One thing the brand does not do is FASHION.

Some of his designs are featured here (for more check out the designer’s facebook and Instagram accounts)




We spoke to the designer and here is what he had to say when asked about his inspiration for this line –

A few years ago I came across a phrase – ‘To do a common think uncommonly well brings success’, and I think this is exactly what I set myself to do. I wanted the clothes I made to be uncommonly good, clothes which catered to an audience that had an appetite  for great design. My approach to design is playful that helps me deliver aesthetics that’s easy to like.

I strive to create stories, weave memories , direct dramas and last but not the least spread love.

His target audience are women who are not trend followers but the one who create trends. Women who are comfortable in their own skin and not bothered about what is in and out. Women who believe in style and not fashion.



This eccentric designer has an inspiring design story. He started out with the brand around 18 months ago and has reached tremendous success and created a loyal fan following in this short duration. When asked what drove him to launch his own line, he said

It was to create a visual impact and create products that were wearable, straightforward, timeless and inspired confidence. For me it has always been about style and not fashion. On the surface, my brand might feel a little contrived and predictable but I believe it offers an eccentricity that couldn’t have been created artificially.

There is just enough disorder to suggest that the brand is led by heart and not mind.

Having not being trained professionally as a Fashion Designer, sometimes, makes the job harder. But what makes the brand stand apart in this sea of upcoming designers and stylists, is the fact that he trusts his instincts and doesn’t follow “trends”.

Along with his out-of-the-box designs, his knack of giving all his creations uber cool names, he is also very modest.

I hope you fashionistas out there read this and fall in love with the brand, just like I did.


Check out Ayush’s Facebook account here-

Or follow the brand on Instagram : @designerayushkejriwal

Lots of love, The Carnelian Cloak

Oscar De La Renta : A Tribute

This week has been a rather sad week for the fashion industry and everyone across the globe. For this week we bid farewell to one of the most talented fashion icons, Oscar De La Renta.

As a tribute to this Icon, The Carnelian Cloak has shortlisted five of his best red carpet masterpieces.

1.) Sarah Jessica Parker, Met Gala 2014

One of my personal favorites, has made an appearance in my previous post as well.


It has such a 50’s feel, and SJP carries it with perfect poise. The signature at the gown’s trail makes it an exclusive quirk.

Screenshot_2014-05-06-14-41-09 Screenshot_2014-05-06-14-40-25 Screenshot_2014-05-06-14-42-35


2.) Amy Adams, Oscar 2013

Remember how you always wanted to dress up and step out looking like Cinderella did in the fairy tale?

Guess what? Amy Adams did just that. She wore this dreamy De La Renta gown last year to the Academy Awards.



And maybe we have ourselves a Prince Charming too??



3.) Anne Hathaway, Tony Awards 2009

This is like a cute cross between a bad ass prom dress and a ball gown skirt. Anne Hathaway does it justice with red heels and simple makeup.




4.) Emma Watson, Harry Potter Premier 2012

Watson reminds you of a pixie with this gown. The pairing up with a white tailored jacket gives a definite edge.

1329169910_emma-watson-zoom emma-watson-oscar-de-la-renta-590ssl070811


5.) Zooey Deschanel, Golden Globe 2013

Zooey came dressed with a Oscar red gown paired with a string of pearls, accessorized with such grace.

One of the simple yet gorgeous gowns.

zooey-deschanel-oscar-de-la-renta-golden-globes-red-carpet-01132013-05-435x580 zooey-deschanel-oscar-de-la-renta-golden-globes-red-carpet-01132013-09-675x900


These were some of my favorites from his many many breathtaking creations. We will miss him spinning magic on and off the red carpet. RIP Oscar.


xoxo, CC

Reasons why Manish Malhotra is my favorite designer

There are so many Indian designers these days who I absolutely love. But still there is something about Manish Malhotra that makes him score a spot in my top designers, no matter what season.

1.) He personifies craftsmanship

From brocade to kashmiri kadhai to phulkari, he is the master of fine Indian craftsmanship. His designs are known for their intricate designs and elaborate handwork.

Check these excerpts from his previous lines. It’s a perfect blend of colors and the perfect silhouettes.

Phulkari Collection at it best




Kashmiri Kadhai, subtle pastels



Brocade Work




2.) He is every Bride’s dream(no, not in that way)

His Bridal collections are to die for, and I’m sure every girl in India will nod her head violently when I say – Tying the knot in one of his intricately designed lehengas is just the ultimate dream come true. Only Kareena Kapoor got to live that dream.

manish malhotra (19)


Model walk the ramp for designer Manish Malhotra show at the Delhi Couture Week 2012, in New Delhi on Saturday. (Photo: IANS)


3.) He dresses half of Bollywood

I don’t get how this isn’t a great reason for him to be a favorite. Half of tinsel town wears him to the red carpet. We know why.





Those are my top three reason.

Do you have any more reasons why you like Manish Malhotra??
Tell us!

Love, CC

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