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Diy ripped jeans

Hi folks..!

So I’ve wanted a pair of distressed jeans since forever. So I finally got off my butt and I decided to take it up as my diy project.

It’s very simple, and though I have not recorded a tutorial. The end results were pretty neat.

Hopefully I’ll be doing this again soon.

Here’s what it looked like



Tell me if you would be interested in a tutorial. I’d be more than happy to upload one.

Much love ❤ The Carnelian Cloak

The tie me up summer hairdo

Hi folks!!

So the temperatures here in the capital of India are soaring and tempers are running low.

With letting your hair down being an absolute no no, here’s what I did for my Sunday brunch look today. Hope you like it.

Started with a lose bun, secured with a bobby pin. Few strands out here and there. Next was pretty simple.
Took one of my vintage scarves (pssst : this happened to belong to my dad long time ago), tied it around the crown of the head and knotted on top.
Next you can either go full fledged and tie the ends into a bow. But if you want it subtle, just tuck the knots away into the scarf.

And voila..!




So what say? Is that a nod yes or a no?? Write to me in comments below

Much love ❤ The Carnelian Cloak

Retro Sundays

So this weekend I was so bored with my usual hairstyle and makeup, I thought I’d try something retro.

So I started with parting my hair right in the middle. And then on either side I started by taking strands and twisting them, adding more as I went sideways. And pinned it at the back with a bob pin. Very neat indeed.

For my eyes I’ve given the winged eye a miss, instead a clear outline with a black eyeliner and a grey shadow on the lids. Finishing with a touch of bright pink lip stain of course.




Overall I was quite happy with the look, it was a little retro and yet a little with the times.

Soooo? Yay or nay?

Much love, The Carnelian Cloak 💜

Roman hairdo

Hi folks!

A year or so ago I got my hair chopped short. From waist length to a bob . While I love my hair and style, the choices I have for hairstyles are seriously limited. So here I tried something new.
A little Roman hairdo, its a messy bun look with a blue flowered laurel.
Bought this laurel in Goa last year during my visit, made by a Philippine tourist who had a shack in Anjuna.
Little blue flowers with a twirl for my bangs. As easy as that. Here have a look–





So what do you think?? yes or a no??
Write to me or leave your comments below.

Love, the carnelian cloak

DIY Phonecovers

So I recently ,out of boredom, started trying to add a twist to my old phone covers. I’ve used sharpies for all the art.








Tell me how you like them.


Will be putting up more soon.


Ciao, CC

the “how-to” diaries: episode 1

Introducing my model for the week and crazy ass roommate: Sunaina. A student of english literature with a flare for everything different and weird. 

so this week in the all new “how-to” section, I show you smokey eyes on sharp small eyes (like su’s)

starting with eyeliner, stretching it long on the sides. keep the eye shadow minimal in the inner corners and darker on the edges. this make small eyes look bigger and fuller. 


and that is the final result.

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