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Cheat Sheet : DOs and DON’Ts for street shopping

Hi folks!

As much as we love our brands and the cool air of the mall and the big stores, none of us can really resist a bargain. The joy of shopping in a flea market and street stalls is incomparable. 

But there are a few simple things one must always keep in mind.
So here is a quick lesson in street shopping.
Starting with THE DOs:

1.) Pre decide a budget

As odd as that sounds, having a pre decided budget is very important with street shopping. The tendency to over spend just multiplies. And you might not even realize you’ve over spent till you’re back home, BROKE.

2.) Enlist the things you plan to buy

Have a focused approach to street shopping, rather than picking up just anything and everything. Pick the things that are either missing from your wardrobe or will match an outfit you already have in mind. Some markets are well known for certain things, leather bags or shoes, so its a good idea to pick only those.

3.) Be prepared

This sounds so serious but anyone who has dared to go shopping in the Sarojjini Market here in New Delhi in the scorching heat, knows what I’m talking about. Wet tissues, Comfortable sneakers and water are a necessity. 

4.) Bargain

Yes. I know what you’re thinking. “Bargain? DUH”. But bargaining is an art. So I suggest you attend the Bargaining 101 class or take an expert friend along. My suggestion? Take your mom. She’s the superstar of bargaining.

Now, moving on to The DON’Ts:

1.) Buy it in the first shop you spot it

A lot of people usually don’t follow this. But I sincerely think, don’t blindly buy it because you saw it in the first shop you entered. Chances are a few shops down, you might stumble on a better deal with the same item you were buying before.

2.) Buy the “usual”

Now what do i even mean by usual? I mean don’t buy what every other person is buying. Hunt for the out-of-the-box kind of things. They are there. Believe me, I know. Just have to spend some energy in looking for it, and really helps if you have an eye for such things.

3.) Indulge in compulsive purchases

So you come home after a day of shopping, open your shopping bag and realize that everything you bought is either blue or a shade of it. Well, that’s a horror you want to AVOID! So think a little about what you have already bought or what presently hangs in your closet back home. Chances are you’ll stumble upon many similar pieces. Make sure they’re all distinct.

That’s all the gyaan I had from my first hand experience in street shopping. So all my amateur shoppers, go make me proud.

P.S.- Don’t forget to enjoy yourself. Street Shopping is more fun when you’re out with a friend trying on all the shades that look funny.

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Much Love, The Carnelian Cloak


The 5 lessons you learn living independently

Have you ever stayed independently? in a big bad city?

Well, it’s not easy I’ll tell you that. But with all the confusion of staying alone and being independent comes some of life’s biggest lessons.

I, still learning the ropes on the whole “being a responsible adult” bit, listed the few things I think we all learn when we are free birds for the first time.

1. Self discipline

No doubt about this being the very first lesson. in the absence of your mother, there is no one to pull you out of bed because you’re late. You will have to muster the will power to drag out of bed, even though your brain screams, “you can call in sick!! sleeplessness is a sickness, isn’t it”.


2. Learning how to read people

Living alone also essentially means getting better at understanding things around you, including people. You know who is a friend and who is pretending to be one. You will learn how to handle the sweet-but-stabbing-you-in-the-back colleague with a smile.


3. Safety becomes a priority

Having independence comes attached with a clause : responsibility. No one knows whether you waltz in the door at 1 in the morning or 3. So you become responsible enough to look out for yourself.


4. Self indulgence

Though self discipline is the first thing you learn, indulging yourself once in a while makes it to the list too. Because there will be times when you celebrate your small triumphs and try to get over a bad day all by yourself. And what better than a huge bowl of popcorn and a Friends marathon.


5. Being your own best friend, and well, your worst enemy

When you stay independently, you are self reliant. And can take credit for all that’s right, and complete responsibility for all that goes hay wire. Valuable lesson, since it helps to know yourself better. The good, the bad, the ugly. Welcome to absolute self acceptance.


I think everyone should stay alone and independently once at least. No one and nothing else can reach you these.

What else would you add to this list??

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Hope you liked the piece.

Much Love, The Carnelian Cloak

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