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Travelling to the land of color : Rajasthan Diaries

Hey readers!

I’ve been MIA for a while now, and for good reason too. I’ve been busy turning 23, taking my first trip of the year and studying.

For everyone who doesn’t know, Rajasthan is the most colourful, hottest and richest in terms of history state of India. And it also happens to be my former childhood hometown.

But having travelled as a tourist before, this time I visited as a traveller. Road trip. Local food. Bright dupattas and attire. That’s my Rajasthan trip in a nutshell.


So here are my must dos, in no particular order :

1. Chuck the restaurants for the local sweet shops. Must try foods include mirchi wada, kachori, lassi and laal maas. And don’t make the grave mistake of wearing skinny jeans for any of these trips to the sweet shop.

2. Shopping in the narrow lanes of old towns. Thanks to an old friend who knows the city of Jodhpur inside out, we went hunting for beautiful items deep inside old city territory.

3. Taking the road less traveled by and detours. Having a lot of smaller and beautiful attractions all across the state, you have many options to take detours and cover as many places as you can. Bhangarh fort, known to be the most haunted places in the country. Pushkar, the only Brahma temple in the country. Sam, endless sand dunes next to Jaisalmer. These are just a few.

4. Indulge in the culture. Beautiful music is a staple in Rajasthan, be it the ravanahatha or sarangi, you’ll find tons of folk music to indulge in.

5. Soak in the history. Being the land of kings and queens, search for those stories in every nook and corner, and believe me, you shall find them.




That’s all for now. I was honestly very busy enjoying the scenes to capture much of it on my phone, but here’s a glimpse into my three day getaway.

Hope each of you take this trip soon. There’s so much more to do, I’m hoping the next one will be richer

Love ❤ The Carnelian Cloak

Flea market Craziness (phase duo)

After a visit to Anjuna Flea Market, I couldn’t wait to see the Night Market on Saturdays.

With some of the best jewelry I have seen and great bargains on clothes, this is one place that must be there on your Goa to-go list

Every saturday this market is put up in Mackies, with a live band playing every genre of music and amazing food to go with it all.

Some of my best picks here were thee two statement pieces.


We also browsed through jewelry from Tibet, which was very unique with it stone on hide and cloth and had to be tied using a black thread. total bohemian. totally love at first sight.


There were a lot of funky things like the wrap around pyjamas, which fyi took me half an hour to figure out (totally worth it). I bought a pair in yellow. and the cotton pants were a steal at 150! so I bought a peachish pair for the sweltering Delhi summers.

The night ended with great music from the live band playing some soft tunes.


And who can forget the mouth watering hot dogs, the much needed refreshment after hours of shopping


All in all, loved the market. Picked up quite a few unique things. So if you’re looking to buy statement pieces the night market is a must visit.

Ciao, CC

Flea market craziness

So, I went to Goa recently and yes, I could not stay without paying a visit to the infamous Anjuna Flea Market, which is set up every Wednesday.

Its as hot as a furnace and me and Sneha (my bargaining guru) go from shop to shop, fiddling, amazed at a few pieces and dismissing the others as “you can get that in Sarojini”.



I loved how the Bollywood influence has creeped up into market here. With “Indianized cropped tops” to jholas to Bollywood printed bags.



Of stars and twinkles. Crafts from Bastar to Kashmir, you get everything here.


I fell in love with the crafted wooden expressions and arabian lanterns.



BUT for me the best part was definitely the beads, the jewels, the metals. Each unique and beautiful.




Among my other top picks were the neon tanks, the vintage bikinis and beautiful flower crowns ( hand made by thai tourists)



But the highlight of my day was this little sweetheart we met at the beach.


If you’re in Goa make it a point to hit the flea market on wednesday! It’s worth every penny.

Ciao, CC

The Goa Diaries

I’m off to vacation at India’s top holiday destination. and this just makes my fashion hormones go off the charts. I’m thinking sunbathing. A lot of lazying. Cold Beer. and Sunny Scooty Rides. And I’m thinking vintage.


Photo courtesy:

Coz’ lets face it, no one does beach style like the ladies of the 50’s.

High waisted denim shorts. Buttoned to the belly.

Vintage bikini prints. florals, sailor stripes and polka dots.

Red Bandana updo.

John Lennon shades.

And (you know this ones coming) red coral lip stain.

style blog3

TIP: Also, keep a white cotton/linen shirt handy for your ride back from the beach. Tanning could be good but the Indian sun can turn nasty.

Stay sunny. xoxo, CC